Perfecting Tips for App Store Optimization in India

Similar to the importance of SEO in internet marketing for top ranking of the web pages, the app developers uses app store optimization for take their app on top of the search list in various app stores. This technique of app store optimization in India is not new to the app developers; they are also using it to make some quick money from their apps. However, here in this article we will discuss few vital steps to follow to improve app store optimization in all app stores.

Begin with Descriptive Title –

A good name not just work as an identity of an app for the prospective uses, but it also helps in enhancing its ranking in the app store. The mobile application marketing company including keyword in the title of their apps helps in enhancing ranking by minimum 10%.

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Proper Use of Keyword –

Similar to the title of an app, the handling of app keyword also plays a significant role in taking the app on top in its ranking. However, one should use keyword differently for Google Play and Apple App Store. For the best result of ASO, you should put the vital keywords for five times in the description.

Keyword Research –

Before publishing your app in the app store with the selected keyword, it is essential to do some research to know more about the difficulty, traffic and demand for the selected keywords and numbers of app already using the same keyword.

Keyword with low to medium number of app and high traffic are considered as the best suitable for app store optimization in India.

Selecting Correct Category –

Putting your app in correct category in various app stores not just help the potential customers to find them much easily while browsing through the apps category but it also get considered as the best app store optimization practice.


Importance of an App Developing Company

An app developer or an app developing company trying to get their app to the users through various app stores, understand how difficult this task is. Getting top ranking in various app stores and Google actually feels like unattainable and unrealistic goals, mainly if the app has just been launched in the market or app stores.

However, irrespective of app store where is app is required to be sell out; few basic app store optimization process can work really well. The company should pay similar attention to the ASO process just like the search engine optimization or the ASO process. There are numbers of companies that are offering service like app store optimization in India to their clients with various other services at much affordable cost.

Here, we have discussed basics of ASP and its significance.


Significance of Top Ranking in the Search Result of App Store –

There is truly no other substitute of high ranking in the search result of app store. One can simply can’t rely on the chance where their app might comes in the top ranking or the results of top category, as even if it will take place (that is most likely not happen), the conversion rate of the app will not be that great as expected.

The app development company should not completely rely on the top ranking category. As there is lot of speculation around the top ranking in the ranking charts and getting featured, it might not e the final result for installs. As here we are utterly not downplaying the top ranking apps may view after ranking actually on the top in ranking or being featured by Google or Apple, it has been stated that it is much more efficient to expect holistically that is about all channels or about the marketing of apps rather than just focusing on the top ranking category.

As per some recent research, around half or 47% of iPhone users from US look for new apps by searching in their app store, whereas just 10% get the apps because of featuring in the top ranking and 9% of users through the featured screen of Apple.

Make Your App Popular With App Store Optimization Service

If you want to make your app popular among your existing as well as new users, then the best way to do is to opt for app store optimization services to lead the market competition. The expert offering such service helps in promoting your app and makes it viral.

Nowadays, you can see numbers of similar types of app in all app stores. A huge number of applications hit the internet market place and it becomes really difficult for the app developers or app development companies to make the specific app popular.

Even though the app developers anticipate good returns from their created apps, yet number of apps goes unnoticed in the app stores due to lack of required marketing skills. Moreover, if some users download such apps, it become obsolete after sometime as users do not feel much attracted towards the app. Forget about revenue generation, the developers sometimes fails even to generate the money spent on the development of that particular app.


However, such situation can be avoided with the proper usage of app store optimization services that provides effective marketing of the app. The experts of such services providers begin promotion campaign of the mobile app before it get deploy in different app stores. It helps in developing a platform for newly introduced app that ultimately attracts attention of users. Moreover, app store optimization services also include all solution regarding promotion of app for particular time span on various platforms of app stores such as App Store and Google Play.

In simple words we can say that ASO service provider offer entire range of solution to the app development companies that helps their app going viral in various app stores. The services providers uses various techniques of online marketing such as social media marketing, content marketing as well as search engine marketing. In conclusion, we can simply say that if you want your app to make a huge profit for your business, then it is quite essential to use correct app store optimization service to get maximum out of it.

Tips to Start App Store Optimization

For several years, mobile app developers used SEO for driving more traffic to their websites. App store optimization is similar in tactic. However, it does not drive traffic to your websites; instead it helps in driving traffic to your mobile app by increasing app’s ranking in the search result of app stores. In the last few years, demand of company offering the service of app store optimization in India has also increased due to its effective result in the growth of an online business.

The main goal of app store optimization is to enhance visibility of the app. Once the traffic increases to your app or the visibility of your app increases, automatically the conversion rate or number of downloads of the app increases that ultimately offers added grip to get found in the app store search results. However, to achieve this you should have the knowledge of the languages of your potential buyers while using such or similar apps and accordingly you can include those keywords for the promotion of your app.

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To start with App Store Optimization India

To start with ASO you first need to stop thinking like an app developer and should think like a customer. The more you will understand the need of your customers while searching of any app the much better result you will be able to deliver. Here are some tips for app store optimization that you can consider –

Title – Try to use the keyword in your title, as the app with the keywords in its title rank 10.2% higher as compared to the title that does not include keyword in it.

Description – A short description about your app is very significant for helping customers who uses keywords to find your app much easily and it also encourages users to download your app to great extent.

Category – It is very essential to select your category of your app in the app store for getting a higher ranking. You can also look for the categories that are less saturated in terms of competition and also suit your market niche.

Essential Tips to Hire Mobile App Development Company

The mobile phone has become an essential part of everyone’s like nowadays. We all surf on the internet, do bank transactions, purchase or track or products and also does lots of photography with our mobile phone. If we will ask any mobile app development company, then they will answer it properly that in today’s competitive and busy life mobile phone is not just a device to make or receive a call, it acts as a powerful tiny computer that one can hold in their hand and operate from anywhere and this is the reason why the demand of the mobile app development company is rising so much.

If you are also planning to hire a mobile app development company for your business, then here are few points that you should follow to get maximum output –

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Platform Experience –

There is no doubt that experience counts a lot in every arena and same applies to mobile app development. No matter you are looking for the mobile app developer for Windows, Android, iPhone or any other arena, get ensure about the experience of the company that you are planning to hire to develop an app for your business by looking at their work history and promises and claims made by them. You can take help of their online reviews of any referral to know about them.

Domain Specific Work Experience –

Other then various platforms, you should look for the app development company that holds credible and enriched working prowess in your required niche and at the same time also offers complete app store optimization India service to their clients. Often, these mobile phone app development companies have expertise in some specific arena like finance, business etc. However, the host of other companies may also offer capable guidance on several verticals like education, travel, healthcare, transportation and so on. You should do in-depth research about company before hiring them to get best out of many.

Skill or Talent –

Here, I want to emphasize on the quality of the work offered by the developer company. To know about their skill or talent you can install the other apps developed by the company. If you think it suits your requirement you can go ahead with selecting the company for your business.

Improtance & Benefits Of App Store Optimization

App store optimization can be defined as the process of optimizing apps at higher rank in the search results for apps. The higher the ranking in the app store, higher chances of getting noticed by the potential customer that means more downloads.

On the other side app store optimization latest way to attract customer’s attention in today’s competitive market. With the use of Google Play or iTunes search function, users can locate the apps easily. The app store was basically developed for assisting the app developers to develop their apps, but it was getting difficult for them to aid all apps in the same way they used to do when smartphone and Tablets apps were launched in the year 2008, even as the app inventory were growing with rapid speed.

Hence, due to this it became essential for the app developers and publishers to promote their developed apps for boosting their visibility for more downloads. App store optimization is the most effective way through which app developers improve app discovery in the app search. Boosting major product or service page elements for improving the chances of standing ahead in the competition, improve the search, discovery and enhanced stability of page for converting or download purpose.

The app store optimization covers all elements of the product page of the app that includes the icon, screenshot, category, product description, keywords and name, one use for portraying and selling the app. Some of the benefits of ASO are :

– App store optimization helps in improving the search results.

– It helps in making more profit with higher app ranking through category and sub-category recommendations.

– Increases stability and search discovery with product description focusing through SEO. It enhances fast comprehension, brand recall and conversion with the icon and screenshots suggestions.