Mistakes To Be Avoided By App Marketing Agencies

Mobile apps are in very much demand in terms on online marketing in today’s time. They have potential to make your business much more accessible for your users with their online connections or mobile. An exclusive app for particular business provides all valuable information and latest news to their customers. It is very powerful tool with great power. However, app marketing agencies can make big mistake if they fail to take their responsibility seriously.

Here, in this article we have discussed some of the most common mistakes make by app development companies and essential tips for avoiding it.

Creating app without correct marketing plan –

Developing a mobile app doesn’t mean it will have huge downloads in app stores. However, it can be a big failure if not marketed properly. Hence, you should take benefits of available assets for making your app popular. Your site should allow your visitors to download app by showing the link directly the page in app stores. It should also include social channels of your online business in marketing activities. It is also advisable to use ASO tools for offering great exposure in app stores.

Creating mobile site and passing it to the mobile app –

When any user downloads any app, they have their own experience and opinion about the app and their experience. You should understand that in today’s time the competition is very stiff in all app stores. However, app marketing agencies should avoid developing an app that takes customers directly on the mobile site. Instead it should focus on main features of business and should posses’ necessary and latest information.

Creating app & ignoring customer base –

Never assume that user will come back to your mobile app just because they find it useful. As most app developers fails to stay connected with their potential customers. Due to this, they fail in achieving great success. It is vital to develop an excellent mobile app focusing user experience. However, it is also advisable to avoid developing two way channels for interaction with it. It will make users to feel special and get direct access to the business. The app should also have easy submission form for feedback and rating options.

If you want your app marketing agency to become successful in the market, it is advisable to act as responsible marketer by keeping the above mentioned points in consideration.


3 Reasons to Opt For App Marketing Company

With the increasing demand of mobile technology, several businesses are coming forward to take benefit of activist mobile platform. With the increasing number of smartphone users, businesses are finding their method of product promotion in terms of websites and mobile apps, which can be efficiently done with the help of app marketing company.

A mobile app for business with flawless and user friendly functionality acts as an effective tool of marketing for a business. However, many businesses are coming up with their mobile apps with the help of mobile app development companies that are making a tough task for newcomers to make their app popular.


All app stores are loaded with several apps under one niche, but only few out of so many succeed in attracting customers or in making their place in app market. Here the mobile app marketing company plays a significant role for the online business. Here are few reasons, why one should opt for services of such companies –

Enhances Visibility of App – The ASO technique plays very significant role in such services. With ASO techniques, app marketing services can boost app visibility in the popular app stores such as App Store or Google Play. Moreover, localization professionals can offer multi-language services for the app localization.

Up-selling Plan & Promotional Marketing – Service of an app marketing company also include collection and analysis of data regarding diffusion of mobile app. On this basis, business can take suitable decisions with respect of promotional marketing via apps that ultimately boost the up-selling plans.

Increases App Downloads – With the help of effective social media marketing along with positive review of an app such as services enable business to reach huge customer. With the use of such methods, the businesses can see a rise in the number of their app downloads.

Question to Ask While Selecting App Development Companies

For business owners, entrepreneurs and investors, the aim of tapping to the potential of mobile phone users is quite inviting, yet it is little difficult for them to understand the actual technology behind the mobile applications. When you offer a mobile app related to your business for online users, you also establish your brand loyalty and at the same time can reach more number of customers. However, this is also true that it is little difficult for everyone to develop a mobile app for their business on their own and for which they need help of app development companies.

The smart phone apps have gained huge popularity in last few years and one can find number of firms who claim that they can offer brilliant services in terms of app development. There are also some online firms who are offering their services at much lower cost. However, when you entire business depends on such apps, it becomes very significant to choose the one that suits your requirement completely. Here are some questions that you should ask before opting for the services of any app development companies.


What is their experience in the platform of mobile?

There are various types of smart phones that include iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows phones. Hence, it is better to select the app development firm that has expertise in developing apps for all mobile platforms or has specialization in your required platform.

What are the skills they posses?

The creative and technical skills possessed by the app marketing agency are vital to design successful mobile app. The app development for mobile is basically carried out by groups or individuals of the firm. While selecting the app development company it is important to ask them about their team going to involve in the project.

What is the actual development process?

It is quite possible to weed out some scammers by speaking about development process. If any firm makes promises of starting on coding of mobile app directly, then it becomes crucial to run into other direction. Mobile app development is not a type of game, it requires proper planning.

App Marketing Company – For Local Business Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing arenas of marketing as well as local business. App marketing company helping in the app marketing get considered as the most affordable and effective methods of getting the business or brand in the sight of the targeted local community.

There has been some huge rise in total number of the people that are getting information on mobile devices and as websites are vital to ensure the online presence, it often considered just a way to showcase the information, as interactive features of the mobile app ensure that the customers stay engaged. Other than this, the amount made to the app development companies to develop an app not only offers an interactive mode for engaging the targeted customers, but it itself a marketing tool that creates content for the social media and blog sites that controls the loyalty programs and rewards the customers in the real time and helps in getting connected with them via free push messages.


The push messages feature alone is value the investment of creating or having a app developed by a app development company for your business. Push messages are permissions based marketing plan to all consumers who have got or downloaded the app and look for the upcoming discounts, new products and promotions.

Due to huge growth in market, you don’t have to pay in thousands for one fully functional modified app, yet keeping the costs to minimum needs understanding the several ways of getting an app created and several platforms on which it can be developed.

App marketing company can help in building a app for your business in two ways. One can be developed from scratch with some technical skills as well as sufficient time to perform the work. One can also develop an app on the pre-designed platform that is similar to developing a site and needs little technical experience too. Both these options need some investment of your time and it is vital to investigate the additional costs like developers accounts for App store.

Need Of An App Marketing Agency

Once you have developed a mobile app for your business – the next thing that you should consider doing is proper marketing of your app to maximize visibility. Maximum visibility means the chances of conversion rate will increase and the profit of your business too.

What you can do to stay ahead in today’s competitive market where hundreds of similar apps are already existing in the market? What marketing strategy will work for your mobile app? All these questions can easily be answered by an experienced app marketing agency, as they have gained years of experience in doing the same and helps numbers of mobile app to rank high on the search results in any mobile app stores.


Many mobile app developers mostly concentrate on the development of the app and then forget about the significance of app marketing and the establishment of the plans for app acceptance in app market. However, app marketing is very essential for receiving positive grade or remarks from the potential consumers or users.

To create some interest in the acceptance of your, it is a good idea that you should hire a mobile app marketing agency to do the tricky task for you and your business. Most of the app marketing agency set up a feature page of your app that has impressive eye appeal and offers brief descriptions of various functional performance of the app that shows its demonstration and advantages of helpful incentives beneficial for the mobile user.

In today’s time when the information technology world is growing with a great pace, it might be the correct time for the mobile app developers to take the help of an experienced app marketing agency for maximum benefits and more and more profit from your business. However, this is very essential that the marketing company should have an expertise in marketing the same type of business for which you can go for the references of the previous clients of the agency.