Improtance & Benefits Of App Store Optimization

App store optimization can be defined as the process of optimizing apps at higher rank in the search results for apps. The higher the ranking in the app store, higher chances of getting noticed by the potential customer that means more downloads.

On the other side app store optimization latest way to attract customer’s attention in today’s competitive market. With the use of Google Play or iTunes search function, users can locate the apps easily. The app store was basically developed for assisting the app developers to develop their apps, but it was getting difficult for them to aid all apps in the same way they used to do when smartphone and Tablets apps were launched in the year 2008, even as the app inventory were growing with rapid speed.

Hence, due to this it became essential for the app developers and publishers to promote their developed apps for boosting their visibility for more downloads. App store optimization is the most effective way through which app developers improve app discovery in the app search. Boosting major product or service page elements for improving the chances of standing ahead in the competition, improve the search, discovery and enhanced stability of page for converting or download purpose.

The app store optimization covers all elements of the product page of the app that includes the icon, screenshot, category, product description, keywords and name, one use for portraying and selling the app. Some of the benefits of ASO are :

– App store optimization helps in improving the search results.

– It helps in making more profit with higher app ranking through category and sub-category recommendations.

– Increases stability and search discovery with product description focusing through SEO. It enhances fast comprehension, brand recall and conversion with the icon and screenshots suggestions.